The Library Facility and Laptop Lab may be reserved here:
Library Facility and Laptops

DVHS campus has a double computer lab which may be reserved here:
Room 707 - Blue Side Room 707 - Silver Side

DVHS LMC has 2 carts containing 18 netbook computers and 1 cart containing 16 netbook computers available for teacher classroom use.
Netbooks White Cart Netbooks Yellow Cart Netbooks Cart of 16

DVHS LMC has 22 desktop computers for student use in the library. Per DVUSD policy, computers are for ACADEMIC USE ONLY. Academic use includes:

  • Class assignments
  • Accessing on-line textbooks
  • Research
  • Checking Power Schools
  • Academic communications
  • Printing:
    • Standard Printing - 3 pages per day for free, 10¢ per page over 3
    • Color Printing - 50¢ per page